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CBD cream

The legalisation of CBD triggered a revolution. Finally, it became possible to make CBD truly accessible for everyone and anyone. In addition to our popular oils, capsules and crystals, Nordic CBD is now also available as a cream. The benefit of this? In this form, the skin can more easily absorb CBD and benefit from its effects even sooner. Many customers use our CBD cream in combination with CBD oil for a particularly lasting effect.

The process

In producing our CBD cream, we use gentle processes and botanical ingredients. First, the CBD is separated from the cold-pressed hemp by CO2 extraction whereby the hemp oil is exposed to high pressure, heat and carbon dioxide, causing the CBD to separate. The extracted CBD is now highly pure and so strong that it may even crystallise. As it is highly soluble in fat, the CBD at this stage is perfect for use in soaps and creams which are easily absorbed by the body. We always ensure to always only include a maximum of 0.2% THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid from the hemp plant) in our products, but can’t guarantee that all products are entirely THC-free.

Who is CBD cream suitable for?

Our CBD cream is suitable for everyone looking for a new approach to organic and natural skincare.


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