Picture of CBD OFFER:  CBD + Melatonin 3FOR2

CBD OFFER: CBD + Melatonin 3FOR2

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3x CBD Mani Drops + Melatonin

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CBD Mani Drops + Melatonin (75mg CBD) 

The trend-setting formula of our Mani Drops with melatonin can initiate a healthy sleep cycle. Nordics unique liposomal formula allows the active ingredient CBD to penetrate deep into the tissues to promote structured and restful sleep. Our Mani Drops can help with problems with falling asleep and sleeping through the night. The combination of CBD and the body's own sleep hormone melatonin creates ideal conditions for a healthy and restful sleep. Each bottle contains 30 ml liquid with 75mg CBD and 45mg melatonin and is sufficient for 60 applications.
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